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A comprehensive school management software Udaipur, Byte Code Devs boasts of various features that make the task of managing a school, college, or a university simple. Connecting teachers, parents, and students, maintaining attendance, fee collection, and its record, and general administration are some of the functionalities that make Best School Management Software in Udaipur a smart school management software.

You can manage classes, attendance, marks, sections, teachers, students, fees with help of this software. You can even get easy reports with this software like CBSE-CCE, outstanding fees, attendance, marks etc. Every school must have SMS software as it is developed keeping in mind all the requirements of the school. This software makes the life easy for school management staff. This software is designed also keeping in mind those staff who are not very comfortable with technology and so it is made very easy to use. This software organises the school information and also is highly effective in saving time and money.

Key Features of School Management Software

  • Users can lodge any complaint or service request either by mobile apps or web.
  • Users shall have to provide all information for first time complaint or service request.
  • Users need not to provide all information for each request.
  • Faster and easier interface for processing complaint or service request.
  • There shall have a stock inflow and outflow management system.
  • SMS and Email notification system.
  • Advance Search options.



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What Makes Our School Management System Special?

It’s the various features and functionalities that make Byte Code Devs an outstanding school management tool. Have a look at some of these features.

Powerful Dashboard: Every utility of School Management Software Udaipur has been strategically placed on its dashboard, thus, ensuring easy accessibility.

Information Portal: Quickly access all the student-related information in an organized way.

Finance: Manage fees, income, expenses and other such financial transactions at the tip of a finger.

Attendance Management: See students’ attendance and generate attendance report directly from the dashboard.

Examinations: Schedule exams, register marks, and grades with the examination feature.

Academics Management: Now easily carry out the task of assigning subject to a teacher and designing class time table.

Other Utilities: School Management Software Company Udaipur offers various other features that include management and monitoring of Hostel, Library, Transport, Inventory, and Reporting.

Benefits of School Management Software

Our School Management Software Udaipur comes with many advantages for everyone using it. Be it a teacher, student or parents, Byte Code Devs benefits all.

Benefits for Teachers
Byte Code Devs offers a slew of benefits for the teachers. With School ERP, teachers can manage attendance smoothly. Further, scheduling exams, designing time-table for the students, and communicating to the parents with SMS and E-mail is a quick and easy affair. Last but not least, teachers can also analyze the performance of the students using students reports.

Benefits for Students
Byte Code Devs allows students to access various school resources such as assignments, library, mark sheet, etc. They can see and save their timetable, exam dates, subjects, and more. In the case of a residential facility provided by the school or college, students also have access to all hostel-related information. The notification feature of Byte Code Devs helps students to not miss any updates related to the assignment, exams, notice, etc.

Benefits for Parents
Byte Code Devs bridges the communication gap between parents and the school/college. School authorities can easily communicate the performance of the students to their parents. Apart from communication, Byte Code Devs empowers the parents to keep a track of fees details, assignments, exam details, marks and grades, transport details and much more.

Benefits for Administrators
Best features of Byte Code Devs allow the school/college/university admins to manage and monitor every aspect of all the stakeholders of the school. The platform enables the administrators to manage hostel, library, fees, and even the academics easily. The application also let the admins analyze the performance of the students with the reports. They can even communicate with the parents using one of the many communication tools available.

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