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Restaurant Software of the most crowded place where everyone is in hurry, they want their order should be placed fast and faster the billing should be. The biggest challenges in restaurant industry are order entry management, recipe costing, track & documentation of its perishable inventory. The major problem is the adjustment of different menus & prices with respect to different time. We are Top Rated Best Restaurant Software & POS Software Development Company in Udaipur has solved the problem of restaurant industry by developing its Byte Code Devs Restaurant Software which helps in maintaining different menus with a different price list for different times of day; it also made billing easier by providing different modes of payments (cash & credit cards).

Franchising is a rapid way to grow any business, especially a restaurant, but a lot of things like maintaining the same taste and branding throughout is important. Also, different regions might have different competitors, knowledge about the same along with the data of sales and how well the company is doing, needs to be maintained in a common place. Best Restaurant Management Software Development Company in Udaipur.

Key benefits of Restaurant Software

POS System Key Features

POS Software Development Company Udaipur

Table Reservation Management
menu (4)

Creating multiple menus

Order customization with item modifiers

Different Menus and with separate rates and taxes
Restaurant Billing Software

We are a recognized entity, engaged in offering an excellent quality Restaurant Billing Software to our esteemed clients. Clients can avail this software at pocket-friendly prices.

key features

  • Table Billing
  • Home Delivery & Takeaway Billing
  • SMS sent to Party/Customer after bill reparation
  • Multiple User define with right authenticate
  • User defined menus
  • Shortcut cut keys
  • Flexibility to modify, delete, View Entry
  • Automatic Backup, Multiple backup
  • Easy to restore data backup data
  • Remote and Local Printing
  • Automatic Create log file to maintain of all activities like create bill, cancel of bill, Modification of Bill, Reprint, Cancel KOT
  • Customization of Bill and KOT Print
  • Multiple Bill and KOT format
  • User Authenticate Discount, with reason
  • User Authenticate Cancellation of Bill, with reason
  • User Authenticate Complementary/No Charge Billing
  • Flexible Bill Calculation like Service Charge, Service Tax, VAT, Discount, etc.
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
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